Purchasing Locally and Responsibly

We purchase locally and organically. Coffee on Caltech's campus is provided by Pasadena's Jones Coffee Roasters. Jones is committed to the traceability of the coffees they roast and to the growers’ sustainable farming practices. It is a belief that socially responsible farms consistently produce better coffee. All produce is purchased locally from Produce Services of LA or is grown on Browne's rooftop. All tuna served throughout campus is pole & line caught.

Sustainable to-go Containers and Plastic Straw-Free Campus

CDS uses to-go containers made from bio renewable pulp content (100% sugar cane pulp). It's 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. CDS has also replaced straws with straw-less lids. Paper straws are available upon request.

Facility Energy Reduction

A recently installed dishwasher at Browne Dining Hall has drastically reduced our water waste and integrated low energy advancements and the lowest amp load. Cardboard from shipping and packaging is also recycled through Caltech's Central Plant.

Reusable Cup Program (this program is temporarily discontinued until further notice)

The reusable cup program is available for any drink. With the program, students, staff, and faculty can get a 25-cent discount!